The Silent Mediocrity

Contrary to what you might think, this is a blog dedicated to those that are both dreamers and who feel part of the “silent mediocrity” – good enough but at the current moment in their lives nothing all that special.

It’s an obvious play on “the silent majority”, and for good reason. It’s fitting it should evoke that saying because many people around the world feel like inbetweeners, like they haven’t yet made their contribution to the world – perhaps even slightly mediocre.

hamburg-1050643_960_720Midway through the tunnel

And that’s OK. This is a blog written by someone in that position, although I use the word “mediocre” playfully. All of my posts simply establish a man trying to make his way through the world in the hopes of finding his place in it, in the hopes of going from silent to vociferous. We all have talents and ambitions and it’s simply about realizing them.

This blog is a motivation to myself and hopefully to others. It’s also a reminder that while you may have made decisions you regret in the past there’s no reason you cannot make good ones in the present and future. That’s the essence of being a dreamer.


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